September 21, 2018

Dear MWF Members,

Earlier this year, the International Women’s Forum (IWF) established a new nomination process and updated criteria for membership. At the June 5th MWF Director’s meeting, the Board voted to adopt many of the IWF standards that fit with our culture. Changes are more in timing and process than substance.

Together let’s continue to grow a diverse community of dynamic women whose leadership is evident in their professional achievements, whose impact is recognized, and who are committed to the advancement of other women.

Please consider nominating women who meet these criteria, who will not only benefit from membership but be in a position to give back as we live our mission to support and co-mentor women leaders, champion future trailblazers, and advance a better world.

With warmest regards,

Judy Habib
Chair, Membership Committee
Massachusetts Women’s Forum


2018 Fall Member Nomination NEW Timeline

  • Nominations Due – 10/10/18
  • Committee approves candidates moving to application stage – 10/19/18
  • MWF Sponsors will be informed whether their nominee has moved forward
  • Send Membership Application Form to nominees who have been approved – 10/22/18
  • Receive completed applications by nominees – 11/5/18
  • Committee meets to approve nominees – Week of 11/26/18
  • Board approves new members – 12/3/18

MWF New Member Nomination Process

The Forum will continue to hold two nomination periods during the year – fall and spring.

  •  The membership is called upon to recommend candidates by a certain due date.
  • When a potential member is identified:
    • Two Members (Sponsors) will complete a Preliminary Approval Form and submit this to the Membership Committee. (Form can be found here.)
  • Once the nomination period has closed, the Committee reviews the preliminary approval forms and takes one of the following actions:
    • Approves the candidate to move forward in the process
    • Requests more information from the Sponsors
    • Denies request and explains the rationale to the Sponsors
  • If Approved by Committee:
  • The Membership Committee reviews and votes on whether to approve the candidate.
    • If approved, the committee sends to the Board of Directors for final approval
    • If not approved, the Membership Chair will inform the Sponsors and the candidate.
  • Upon Approval by Board
    • The Sponsors and Candidates are notified
    • The Candidate is given instructions on how to pay her dues and begin participation in the Forum.


MWF Selection Criteria for New Members

We welcome prospective members of diverse backgrounds, achievement, recognition, and leadership who are committed to community and advancing other women.


  • Preeminent woman in her field, profession or corporation
  • Holding a position of significant professional accomplishment
  • Highest professional abilities
  • Influential in her company, field or industry
  • Longevity, adaptability, or on-going relevance reflecting a depth of excellence in her area
  • Successful entrepreneur as evidenced by size, scope, clientele, duration, impact on the field, or external recognition


  • Of the highest integrity
  • Significant position of leadership in her organization, industry, or community
  • Influential in her company, field, or industry
  • Making an impact beyond her organizational role
  • Directly responsible for high-impact decision-making
  • In a position to command resources


  • Internally and externally recognized as pre-eminent in her field
  • Significant influence and prestige outside her specific professional community
  • Bringing about positive change through public speaking, writing, or other actions
  • Building a sustainable legacy

Commitment to Community and Advancing Other Women:

  • Track record of taking action for women
  • Serving in leadership roles in the community– locally, nationally or globally
  • Willing to share her own capabilities with other Forum members
  • Willing to be actively involved in the Forum’s programs, activities and/or committees.


  • Diversity is an important and valued attribute of IWF. Our goal is to include women of all ages, professions, areas of interest, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.


  • Alumnae of the IWF Leadership Foundation Fellows program who meet the criteria will be considered for membership two years from the start of their program.
  • Members from other IWF affiliate Forums relocating to Massachusetts will be admitted to MWF provided we receive a letter from her prior Forum President stating that she is a member in good standing of that Forum.
  • Ideally, a candidate will meet most of the above criteria, but it is not necessary to meet all. The Membership Committee will use their judgment in balancing the candidate’s qualifications.