New Member Spotlight: Deborah Theobald

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In 2020, MWF accepted many new members! Each day, we will be highlighting one. Please join us in welcoming, Deborah Theobald, Co-founder and CEO, Vecna Healthcare.


Deborah has spent over 20 years developing and deploying automation solutions to the health care sector across the globe. As the Co-Founder of Vecna, a leader in health care information technology and robotics, Deborah has positively impacted millions of peoples’ lives through innovative new technologies that improve access to and quality of care. Deborah has brought to market QC PathFinder for electronic outbreak surveillance of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and Patient Self Service Kiosk, Portal and Mobile solutions. Vecna’s Department of Defense funded BEAR (Battlefield Extraction and Recovery) and the QC Bot Hospital Logistics Robots are among a number of robotic tools and products fulfilling Vecna’s goal of better technology for a better world.


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